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[Risk-adjusted] The LightHouse Newsletter – August 2023

Real world is so complex that we constantly try to create, find and use tools along with guiding rules to make sense of it and push our way forward.

Finance is no different. To make better decisions, to get high risk adjusted returns, investors, too, look for sophisticated tools as well as thumb rules. But do they really work?

That’s what I ask too. Is volatility good or bad? How much of it is good or bad? Do I reject or accept something because of it?

Or, should I be more concerned about my “margin of safety” and “a permanent loss of capital”.

We delve a bit in the latest Lighthouse August 2023 edition along with the following:

  • Can Sharpe Ratio a good measure of risk of your investment?
  • Market Indicators for Equity and Bonds – Is it time to hold or buy or sell?
  • The Stocks Shortlist
  • Fund Watchlist
  • (NEW) BEER Index
  • Terms Simplified

Start reading the latest edition below (browser only) or download here



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